Monday the twentieth of July, twenty-twenty.

I haven’t been writing as much down & I think it’s to do with lack of motivation. I feel the need to only write when my creative brain is working better & I have more energy to do so, but that also kind of defeats the purpose. The idea of therapeutic writing is to alsoContinue reading “Monday the twentieth of July, twenty-twenty.”

An illustration as to how recovery can feel…

(I spend too much time scrolling the Bitmoji app & saving the images to iCloud! 🙊😆) This is generally how recovery feels for me for the vast majority of the time. 😂🤦‍♀️ Wishing it would progress faster, but anorexia offering resistance too. It ultimately doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly your recovery progresses though…recovery shouldContinue reading “An illustration as to how recovery can feel…”

6th-12th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.

Different kind of post, but I guess if I’m sharing my reality then I may as well post about my week (that’s practically repeated itself for the past 14-15 weeks since lockdown was declared…) I’m also faced with Sunday evening boredom. Let’s face it though…we are still in this weird kind of lockdown, but notContinue reading “6th-12th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

You may hear me talking, but ‘I’m’ not talking… ~When Anorexia speaks for you.

(I’ll forewarn you now…this is going to be a long post of me rambling on… 🙃) Anybody with Anorexia Nervosa or anybody who knows or cares for a person with an eating disorder will know just how frustrating that eating disorder can be! Not just around food, but in many ways. When I was atContinue reading “You may hear me talking, but ‘I’m’ not talking… ~When Anorexia speaks for you.”

If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.

I sometimes wish that people could see anorexia. They see you & they speak to you as though you’re doing ‘this’ to yourself, but they don’t get it. They don’t see ‘it’. Anorexia is invisible to everyone else, but to me she’s very real. My twin within. If you saw her & if you heardContinue reading “If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.”

“Write it down”, they said… “You’ll feel better”, they said. ~*she proceeds to give them the look of death*

So I thought… ‘I might write a blog?’ and then I thought ‘Then again…maybe I won’t’, but here I am…giving it a go. There’s a chance I’ll write this now & then never do it again, but hey…I’ll break the habit of a lifetime & be optimistic instead! I’ve always been a bit of aContinue reading ““Write it down”, they said… “You’ll feel better”, they said. ~*she proceeds to give them the look of death*”