Wednesday thoughts… ~ ‘Happy’ #humpday 🐪

My mind’s having a bit of a stress over life today, because I want to recover so much & it’s painful to still be constantly fighting it, but if that wasn’t already stressful enough…these flipping TV programmes that are being aired have left me feeling even more frustrated! I want to tell someone off forContinue reading “Wednesday thoughts… ~ ‘Happy’ #humpday 🐪”

If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.

I sometimes wish that people could see anorexia. They see you & they speak to you as though you’re doing ‘this’ to yourself, but they don’t get it. They don’t see ‘it’. Anorexia is invisible to everyone else, but to me she’s very real. My twin within. If you saw her & if you heardContinue reading “If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.”