New Year Grinch

I’m not really sure why, but for myself… I’ve never thought much to New Year. Even as a young child I remember finding it overwhelmingly saddening. I didn’t know that I was on the autistic spectrum until I was diagnosed a couple years or so ago, but maybe that’s part of the reason? I thinkContinue reading “New Year Grinch”

This year I’ve learnt that… I’m not learning this year…

It’s been a while since I last did a blog post… I kind of lost inspiration with it. Instead of using writing to help me through difficulties.. I’ve essentially done the opposite. I lost the motivation I think & when I lose motivation I do the opposite of what would actually help & although IContinue reading “This year I’ve learnt that… I’m not learning this year…”

Wednesday thoughts… ~ ‘Happy’ #humpday 🐪

My mind’s having a bit of a stress over life today, because I want to recover so much & it’s painful to still be constantly fighting it, but if that wasn’t already stressful enough…these flipping TV programmes that are being aired have left me feeling even more frustrated! I want to tell someone off forContinue reading “Wednesday thoughts… ~ ‘Happy’ #humpday 🐪”

27th July-2nd August ~ Twenty-Twenty.

Monday – Rain. Lots of rain! It was definitely an inside day. I had therapy this morning. I’d been struggling a bit mentally with a date. I feel the subject is a bit of a taboo subject, but also a necessary one because it’s a conversation that people feel awkward discussing. I also know thatContinue reading “27th July-2nd August ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

Migraines ~ Not ‘just’ a headache.

Anyone who’s had a true migraine will tell you that it isn’t simply a bad headache. If you have a bad headache…it’s not automatically a migraine. When I have a migraine attack it strikes down quick. Some people have warning signs where they have an aura (flashing lights) before the headache begins & then theContinue reading “Migraines ~ Not ‘just’ a headache.”

13th-19th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.

I actually have more to say about this week than I thought I would. I’m mainly just typing this as a diary recap for myself if anything, so excuse the length & boringness of my life. 🙊😂 Monday – Would it even be a Monday without an AM appointment? 😆🤷‍♀️ When I have therapy IContinue reading “13th-19th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

Monday the twentieth of July, twenty-twenty.

I haven’t been writing as much down & I think it’s to do with lack of motivation. I feel the need to only write when my creative brain is working better & I have more energy to do so, but that also kind of defeats the purpose. The idea of therapeutic writing is to alsoContinue reading “Monday the twentieth of July, twenty-twenty.”

An illustration as to how recovery can feel…

(I spend too much time scrolling the Bitmoji app & saving the images to iCloud! 🙊😆) This is generally how recovery feels for me for the vast majority of the time. 😂🤦‍♀️ Wishing it would progress faster, but anorexia offering resistance too. It ultimately doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly your recovery progresses though…recovery shouldContinue reading “An illustration as to how recovery can feel…”

6th-12th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.

Different kind of post, but I guess if I’m sharing my reality then I may as well post about my week (that’s practically repeated itself for the past 14-15 weeks since lockdown was declared…) I’m also faced with Sunday evening boredom. Let’s face it though…we are still in this weird kind of lockdown, but notContinue reading “6th-12th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.

I sometimes wish that people could see anorexia. They see you & they speak to you as though you’re doing ‘this’ to yourself, but they don’t get it. They don’t see ‘it’. Anorexia is invisible to everyone else, but to me she’s very real. My twin within. If you saw her & if you heardContinue reading “If Anorexia was visible… ~an abusive relationship.”