This year I’ve learnt that… I’m not learning this year…

It’s been a while since I last did a blog post… I kind of lost inspiration with it. Instead of using writing to help me through difficulties.. I’ve essentially done the opposite. I lost the motivation I think & when I lose motivation I do the opposite of what would actually help & although IContinue reading “This year I’ve learnt that… I’m not learning this year…”

3rd-9th August ~ Twenty-Twenty.

Monday – I don’t feel as though I really did very much. I guess that’s okay some days. 🤷‍♀️ I got a lil bit of fresh air with my mum in the morning. In the afternoon.. I painted some more wooden sticks so that I can make some more fairy fences. 🎨🧚‍♀️ In the eveningContinue reading “3rd-9th August ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

Feeling so much that you feel nothing ~ Numb.

I’m not sure what I’m writing for right now…I’m just going to write. I feel nothing. I feel disconnected. I don’t feel real somehow. I’m not going to do something unhelpful about it, so I’m just here typing. Sometimes I get into this state when I feel emotionally hurt…it’s almost like my brain protects itself.Continue reading “Feeling so much that you feel nothing ~ Numb.”