20th-26th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.

So Monday…I’ve already documented the 20th in a previous blog post – it was a bit of a right-off tbh, so my week started on Tuesday instead. 😂 Tuesday – I woke up feeling a lot better psychologically. Got up, showered & dressed straight away, so there was no loitering in bed allowing time forContinue reading “20th-26th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.”

13th-19th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.

I actually have more to say about this week than I thought I would. I’m mainly just typing this as a diary recap for myself if anything, so excuse the length & boringness of my life. 🙊😂 Monday – Would it even be a Monday without an AM appointment? 😆🤷‍♀️ When I have therapy IContinue reading “13th-19th July ~ Twenty-Twenty.”